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Hello friend … do you want to introduce yourself to our casting escorts Galicia? At Afrodita Luxury Escorts we are a group of young, attractive and very playful friends who would love you to be the next afrodita.

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We are continuously looking for new aphrodites. For that reason, we have a casting escorts Galicia to find new friends.

What requirements do you have to know? It is essential to be beautiful, attractive, sexy, thin, elegant … So if you like men, arm yourself with courage and introduce yourself, because surely you can be part of our select group.

It is also important being sure of yourself, intelligent, fun, natural … Those are attributes that all afroditas must have, because we offer a different service instead of any other page, being more select and special.

Why become an aphrodite? At Afrodita Luxury Escorts we love that our friends enjoy the company and the services of the best girls, and the more friends we are, the better.

We are very playful with our friends and here you will feel at home, because we always help each other, we go out together and have a good time. We love making new friends, giving advice, so you will not find a better place to come.

So you have an opportunity to pass the escort casting Galicia and become an aphrodite and our new friend. A job that will allow you to achieve all your dreams and achieve all your goals, and right now is knocking at your door. Are you really going to say no?

We are constantly looking for new friends, beautiful and crazy afroditas, like you … you just have to contact us, send us photographs and tell us how you are. You can also be an aphrodite!

So if you think you meet the requirements and you want to try, we’ll wait for you in the casting escorts Galicia.

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* The information that we recieve is confidential and in case you are not selected we erase all data.

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